Squeezing the last drops out of my holiday – and a new project on the needles

This morning Bill got up at six to take the car to the nearby town for a major sercvice. The rest of us headed out of the house  at eleven to go uptown. It has been a nice sunny day and  we were seven women of all ages going to the cafe together; Carly, Kristi and a friend of hers, my friend and I and two other ladies we know. We had different kinds of cafe-goodies; latte, salads, paninis, cakes… And the sun shone and I could feel how great it was to sit there and have no further plans for the day. Completely enjoying conversation, sun, coffee… Being in the now!

We had time for some browsing and shopping too. Carly got a new nail polish:

Carly's new nail polish

For dinner we made spaghetti, garlic bread and caesar salad. Bill was back midday today and went for a haircut in the afternoon. He has now laid down for a nap, not feeling good. I hope it was just from being up so early, ’cause he wasn’t asleep yet when I came to bed after midnight last night…

But over to my new knitting project: I had made a decision not to start anything new until I had finished the crochet curtiain. But I get so incredibly bored sticking to such an endless task by itself so I brought out the knitting kit that Bill had ordered from Canada last winter. He remembers his mother knitting him a sweater coat when he was young and he wanted one that was similar. So at Mary Maxim’s web shop we found this one:

vintage sweater coat

You know what ? It’s acrylic yarn. I can’t believe I’m knitting something acrylic- being so devoted to natural fibers!  But this is INTARSIA knitting- something I have never done before, so I’m learning something new! It means I have to knit a pattern – not in the round as I am used to- but going back an forth , knit and purl. This causes a tangle of several balls of yarn and I’m a bit frustrated knitting it, but it is bulky yarn and probably won’t take me long if I have a chance to do a bit most nights of the week.. Luckily the bulky acrylic actually helps in the sense that it is not as hard keeping the right gauge as it would be with pure wool… I hate to admit.

Back side

back of sweater coat


About lisbeth58bula

Teacher, mother of two tenage girls, married to a Canadian hubby, currently living in my home country Norway. I knit, crochet, do needlepoint,draw,read, listen to music,laugh a lot- and talk!
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2 Responses to Squeezing the last drops out of my holiday – and a new project on the needles

  1. amylin says:

    Fin genser, men akryl … Helt enig med deg. Bra du lærer noe nytt i alle fall.

  2. mimouna says:

    Det var jo en tøff jakke da. Og akryl er ikke SÅ ille, det kommer an på kvaliteten. Holder seg pent lenge gjør det også.

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