Grey things in my house.

I did a little round in my house to see what things I have that are grey (this is some silly game that some bloggers started. Now I am getting myself entagled in silly games. I admit it! 😀  i am a silly blogger too. And I feel a kinship with the rest of them!) Here are a couple of  nostalgic things first:


I have seen this radio for as long as I can remember. It’s from the fifties. Bill got it for a present from Mom one Christmas because he constantly “drewled” over it. It reminds me of the young version of my Dad and the radio sits in our living room, on a shelf.


A black and white photo of my mother and me.  Am I not cute? Isn’t my mother a beautiful young woman. She was around 20 -21 in this photo. I was between 1 and 2 I guess.  Note: the knitted skirt!


I have two of these onyx candleholders. I must have had them for  25 years or so. They come out on a regular basis. And now it’s candle time!


My favourite knitted thingy right now. My ipod pouch that I use when I take the dog for a walk.


This is a new piece of knitwear I bought not long ago. A long jacket in thin wool. I have had it on me practically everyday while feeling sick these past few days!


My new winter coat, 3/4 long, just right for going to work in the car and for shopping.


And last but not least: If you lived where I live you’d consider it a must with wool insoles in the winter!

Oh- one more thing: I’m not really a fan of grey…..


About lisbeth58bula

Teacher, mother of two tenage girls, married to a Canadian hubby, currently living in my home country Norway. I knit, crochet, do needlepoint,draw,read, listen to music,laugh a lot- and talk!
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2 Responses to Grey things in my house.

  1. tante says:

    Fantastisk bilde av deg og mamma :o) Men hva med sålebildet syrran??? hi hi

  2. Lisbeth Bula says:

    Likte du ikke sålene??? Hva er det man ikke liker? Det er jo ullfilt! ull….! ….Filt!

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