Welts all over!

I got up and hopped in the shower this morning- and things were all normal. Sat down to eat breakfast and take the antibiotics together with a glass of orange juice since they said at the pharmacy that I should try and hold the ph- balance in my body so that I wouldn’t get any problems from using these strong pills.. Back in the bathroom I saw that my chest was breaking out in welts and a red rash. Then it spread to my chest and stomach, legs, arms… everywhere except my face (thank god).

I went downstairs, took an allergy pill and went to work thinking I should just turn around and go see the doctor if necessary. It settled down a little after a while and the doc called me. He didn’t think the rash was caused by the antibiotics since it’s the kind  I’m on is given to those that might be allergic to penicillin. We agreed I’d take the pills as usual and see if I got any more. I’ve taken it two more times and there’s no more welts now so I’m okay.

Still, I fell asleep after making supper and could feel Kristi putting a blanket on me. I have no energy and is not planning on doing anything tonight! It is snowing outside and in here there’s a fire and wool to cover myself in  if I want to…


About lisbeth58bula

Teacher, mother of two tenage girls, married to a Canadian hubby, currently living in my home country Norway. I knit, crochet, do needlepoint,draw,read, listen to music,laugh a lot- and talk!
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