My hobbies

are many. Always have been. But they don’t always involve other people, I’ve come to realize. I used to play the flute. It involved other people playing in ensembles or as a duet. Yet it often had a function as meditation for me. After a long day at school, if I was upset, happy, sad… I would close the door to my room and play for a while.

When I was 15 I got a guitar and taught myself to play chords. Playing the guitar and sing had the same function for me. Great for using when together with friends- but I enjoyed it the most when by myself, learning new ways of finger-picking the strings, making songs..

I knit, chrochet and do needlepoint. Yes, finishing a project, wrapping it up for a present, putting it somewhere for decorative or useful purposes or dressing in it is great, but the meditation it provides when working with it is a reward in itself. Same with my visual journaling.

I read. I don’t hurry to get to the end of a book, the reading in itself is a time of crawling into a separate space where I have the opportunity to ponder, imagine, play kind of..

I weave. But so far I only weave together with other ladies, I’m not quite self sufficient when it comes to all the different how-tos, I need assistance if something goes wrong. I guess that’s why I still wonder if it really is something for me. I bet if I can get to a stage where I only need an extra couple of hands for setting up I will feel the same about weaving as I do with the other hobbies.

I blog. I have and average of 150-200 views a week on this blog. Some of them I know are knitters like me.  I don’t carry a particular political message when I blog, I stay away from strong opinions on issues (so far:-D) I don’t have a particular agenda.. I just started blogging because I discovered other crafters doing the same thing and when I met them online on forums I enjoyed visiting their blogs. So I guess my blogg serves the same purpose for me as the rest of my hobbies.

Sometimes people leave a comment. Even though I blog mostly because I enjoy doing it for myself, I truly appreciates the fedback!


About lisbeth58bula

Teacher, mother of two tenage girls, married to a Canadian hubby, currently living in my home country Norway. I knit, crochet, do needlepoint,draw,read, listen to music,laugh a lot- and talk!
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