“Stay focused, woman!”

Still cold out. Still tired from going head-first into a work week after the long holiday.On my desk at work I’ve lined up post-its in order to manage all the different things I have to juggle untiI go to York on the 17th (study trip with my English2 course)

 Still too comfy in the chair after supper .. But I know I have to head out with the dog and most likely it will be enjoyable to get out in the crisp, cold air. I had set my mind on working a little on my home exam tonight but I think I should pick Wednesday and Thursday night instead. (which means I should clean the bathroom later tonight. I feel like turning around in the doorway when I go in there now..)

I’d rather do something that involves needles.. I got two French presses for Christmas and I’m itching to start making felted covers for them. I even lugged out some yarn I thought would work wonders.

I’m also itching to cast on for a trial aran cushion cover (I have abandoned the GAAA idea since I’m much more up for smaller projects now than another long term thingy) I am, however, restisting as long as possible since I kind of made the commitment of finishing the fish jacket first. I’m saying sternly to myself: stick with it! You’re halfway there now!

If  I actually get around to do that bathroom I’m sure I’ll end up with chai tea  after like last night before bed. It’s the perfect winter comfort drink after a walk in the snow . That’s what happened on Sunday night. And Monday night. (And I lucked out having two biscottis left from Christmas. Thank you, sister, for the cookie jar with home made goodies.)


About lisbeth58bula

Teacher, mother of two tenage girls, married to a Canadian hubby, currently living in my home country Norway. I knit, crochet, do needlepoint,draw,read, listen to music,laugh a lot- and talk!
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2 Responses to “Stay focused, woman!”

  1. lillesyrran says:

    Nå skal jammen jeg også lage meg chai med biscotti til! Lappene øverst på innlegget ser ut som det skulle vært min arbeidspult, he he. (borts fra innholdet på lappene) Ellers; skrift og struktur som hos meg :o)

  2. Hannesol says:

    Hei og godt nytt år til deg! 🙂 Har du bestemt deg for ikke å lage GAAA-teppet? Det har gått trått hos meg en stund nå, kom på etterskudd og den første lappen nå var fryktelig seig – men det er litt ergerlig å gi meg nå når jeg har en del ferdige lapper. Det beste hadde vært å ikke begynne i det hele tatt kanskje :0)) -Det er kaldt her ved kysten også. Doggen fryser på labbene og vil ikke gå særlig tur om kvelden – han snur eller legger seg ned så fort det “nødvendige” er unnagjort. Det blir mao dårlig med kveldstrim på meg og julekakene er oppspist for lenge siden ..hihi

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