Shopping when in York


I am not  one of those women who has the Black Belt in shopping but I did hit a few stores while we were in York despite school ending at three thirty-four o’clock and the stores closing at five.. some of them at six during the week. In York a lot of stores are in old buildings that give them a certain atmosphere that I like.

What I DO like is to browse the little specialty storesOn Saturday Peter Rabbit was trying to attract customers to the Beatrix Potter store.

Another store I stumbled upon, not knowing it was there, was Kath Kidston. I have seen a ot of her stuff in interior decorating magazines but never been in one of the stores.

I did some shopping at The Hat Company, Marks & Spencer, a camera store and  WH Smith and I got to look around at an antique store that I really liked.

On Saturday the streets were so crowded it wasn’t  much fun walking around. We were pleased just to find a restaurant that had seating available for lunch. And there was time for showing what we had purchased! 😀

The absolute coolest find  ( it  wasn’t mine)was this purse made out of recycled plastic and a car seat belt! Talk about environmentally friendly shopping!

 On our way there we saw this guy all painted up keeping still as a statue!

After walking the crowded streets and eating in a noisy, packed reataurant it was nice to get on the train and read the newspaper and knit an couple of rounds (almost the only rounds I did while being away).


About lisbeth58bula

Teacher, mother of two tenage girls, married to a Canadian hubby, currently living in my home country Norway. I knit, crochet, do needlepoint,draw,read, listen to music,laugh a lot- and talk!
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One Response to Shopping when in York

  1. Kari says:

    Shopping ser mye triveligere ut enn snemåking!
    Nå har det kommet en halv meter siden kjøttsuppen, så det er nesten så vi lurer på å varme opp en posjon igjen etter denne måkeøkt:)
    Ha en fin kveld videre.
    Vakre tanker fra K@ri*

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